Sun, Sea, and Sand Part 2: Tamarindo and Langosta

Happy Saturday! Last weekend was yet another beach weekend–I have the tan to prove it! It’s interesting–I’ve been to the beach more times in the 4 weeks that I’ve been here than I have all year in Miami. I just never make time to go. But that’s life sometimes, right?

I went to two beaches, Tamarindo and Langosta in the province of Guanacaste. It was just what I needed. Warm weather, lots of sun, and the company of good people. As with most of our weekend excursions, we had to leave Heredia very early in the morning and there were several stops on the way. In total, I spent about 12 hours traveling. But it was all worth it because we arrived in Tamarindo with a few hours of daylight left. And we were rewarded with the most beautiful sunset.



Tamarindo is a cute, little beach town and a well known tourist spot, something I was able to observe first hand. I met people from everywhere. The lady who checked us in to our hostel was from France. Then we met her friend, from Canada. The people we shared our room with were from Denmark. And I also met some other Americans. In the main part of town, both sides of the street are lined with souvenir shops, bars, clothing stores for beach wear, and eateries of varying cuisines. Adventure tours are also popular here, including activities such as kayaking, rafting, horseback riding and others.

20150726_093436   20150726_121028


Playa Longosta was my favorite part of the trip. There were less people around than in Tamarindo and there was a lagoon (I think that’s what it’s called) not far from the ocean. We were able to relax in the water and not worry about the tide. We even saw a wedding in progress right as we were headed back to our hostel.



I had a great time. Most of my trip to Tamarindo and Langosta was exactly the same as my trip to Montezuma (a lot of laying around on the beach), so there’s not much else to share. But I did take plenty of pictures, so I’ll just leave them below for your enjoyment.

Thanks for reading ☺




20150725_164039  20150725_182228




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