Dark Matter Review: Own Your Choices

“… that means there’s an unimaginably massive, infinite number of universes – a multiverse – where everything that can happen will happen.” (page 123)

I haven’t read a novel as good as Dark Matter in years. From start to finish, it’s a page-turner, a quick read (340 pages to be exact) that packs a mighty punch. Blake Crouch’s thriller-science fiction-love story takes us on a spectacular journey through the multiverse. Plenty of action-packed scenes are balanced with meaningful conversation and moments of reflection, resulting in a novel that is both highly entertaining and subtly introspective. As I came to the end of the book, one question stood out in my mind: What about the path not taken?

Jason (main character) has a story that everyone can relate to. The heavy burden of wondering if a past decision was the correct one. Thinking back on my own experiences, I remember more than one instance where I had a choice to make, a choice with the potential to create big ripple effects later.

One such moment for me was when I decided to move to Miami, a year after I graduated from college. It was a turning point because the change in environment took me out of my comfort zone which forced me to grow in self-reliance and maturity. I made the move for opportunity and adventure – a chance to live someplace new and figure out what career path I should take – but I could have stayed just as easily. Sometimes when I’m feeling nostalgic, I can’t help but wonder what other path my life could have taken.

With this in mind, I viewed Jason’s journey through the multiverse as a tale of perspective. Choosing to see a past decision as one that should be fixed, instead of as a lesson learned, ultimately led to terrible consequences. In a system of many worlds, where all outcomes are possible, there’s no way to fathom all the ends one choice could have. To me, it seems the best decision is the best one at that time.  

I had a lot of fun reading Dark Matter. To really appreciate it, you have to use your imagination – which is why I loved it so much. I hope I’ve convinced you to give it a try. Happy reading! 😊


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